IN the March 16-23 issue of the Irish Voice, in a story by Cahir O'Doherty about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, mention was made that a top-level Vatican consultant, Edward Peters of Detroit, wrote that the governor should be denied Communion because of Cuomo's "public concubinage."

When the Pope visited New York a few years ago, New York City’s ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani attended the public mass and "publicly" went up to receive Communion, although it was a well-known fact that he was presently living with his third wife. 

I questioned the pastor of my local Catholic Church, and he said that it was HIS obligation to give Communion to "whoever presented himself.”

Surely this is not permitted only in Maine.  It's either the rule in the Catholic Church or it isn't.  Can someone enlighten me on this subject?

Catherine Glackin Welch
Caribou, Maine