Belfast has a well-earned reputation as a musical talent incubator. The city spawned Van Morrison in the sixties, Stiff Little Fingers in the seventies, The Undertones (featuring Feargal Sharkey!) in the eighties and Snow Patrol in the nineties.

Now looking to join the star-studded walk of fame is Brian O’Reilly. The Belfast-born singer told the Irish Independent that he was talent-spotted by the band at a recent Belfast show. Before he could say “How about ye?” he found himself with a publishing deal (with Snow Patrol), a booking agent (with Snow Patrol’s agent) and a producer for his next album (Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid).

O’Reilly is thrilled with the opportunities that have come his way, and posted a YouTube video, “The Greatest News of All Time (Low)” to update his fans on recent developments.