Two Irish workers were the victims of a knife point robbery last weekend after they invited two men back to their house on the property of Lancaster Laboratories in New Holland Pike, Pennsylvania.

One of the victims told police that two black males robbed him and his roommate at knife-point before forcing the roommate to leave with them.

Police told the Lancaster Journal that the suspects took one of the Irishmen to an ATM and forced him to withdraw cash while the second assailant stayed at home with other victim.

The suspect then returned back to the property in Lancaster Laboratories and took the second victim to an ATM in Manheim Township, but he wasn’t able to retrieve any money.  The second man then fled on foot from his assailants and called 911.

The male victims who are employed by Lancaster Laboratories and were in the U.S. for work purposes met the men who said they were actors  at the Village Nightclub in Lancaster on Friday night and invited them back to their residence.

Sometime later after the group arrived at the house, the actors began to threaten the victims and demanded money and property from them.

It is understood the men were employed by Lancaster Laboratories and had been in the U.S. for training with the company. The pharmaceutical company also has a base in Dungarven County Waterford.

A spokeswoman for Lancaster Laboratories told Irish Central that the company had no comment to make and that it was a police matter .

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