Over 80 percent of Irish men spend the majority of their time talking about football, according to a new poll by Heineken.

It seems sport trumps the ladies when it comes to the most talked about issues, with only 45 percent admitted to chit-chatting about women with their male buddies.

Work, money, cars and nights out are the next most talked about issues among Irish men.

The results say that an average Irish male spends five hours and 17 minutes each week either watching soccer or talking about it.

However, 17 percent of Irish men don’t talk about soccer in any respect, according to the findings.

“It might not be the news women wanted to hear,” Heineken brand manager Aisling O’Brien says, “but it appears Irish men really do only think about one thing when they get together with their mates – and that’s football.”

While things may look bleak for Irish woman, they are not nearly as bad next to their counterparts in China, where a whopping 94 percent of men opt to discuss soccer over any other subject.

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