An Irishman who kicked an Australian politician as part of a dare has been convicted of aggravated assault and ordered to pay a $2,200 fine to avoid jail by a Darwin judge.

As a part of a $200 bet, Darren Heraty, 24, kicked current Attorney General John Elferink during a press conference in the lead-up to an election last month.

The court heard the Irish immigrant had been drinking with friends at a nearby bar when they saw the press conference being set up on August 5. His friends told him they would pay him $200 if he touched Elferink, a former policeman.

Ironically, Elferink was recording a segment with a local TV station about recent violence on the street when the young Irish man came up behind him and kicked him in the back of the leg before trying to escape. The politician grabbed Heraty before he eventually managed to flee the scene, leaving his shoes behind him. Heraty was later picked up by officers.

Magistrate Greg Cavanagh described the assault as a "stupid drunken prank."

Heraty was given 28 days to pay the fine. A second man is also due in court over the incident.

Politician John Elferink tries to reason with the Irishman who attacked him in front of TV camerasGoogle Images