Sean Garland, the former Worker’s Party president, wanted in the United States for his involvement in a counterfeiting operation, has had his extradition adjourned until early 2011.
American authorities are seeking to have him extradited to face charges relating to the production of high-quality counterfeit U.S. dollars. Garland, aged 76, from Navan, in County Meath, is believed to have been in collusion with the government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, in North Korea.
Mr Justice Michael Peart agreed to revisit the case on January 12, 2011. Garland’s lawyer told the High Court that they needed time to apply for the disclosure of the books of appeal which are due shortly before the Supreme Court.
Garland was originally arrested in October 2005, in Belfast, following an application for  extradition by the U.S. authorities. Since then there has been a campaign launched by Garland and his supporters against the U.S. extradition.

Sean Garland pictured outside the Workers Party HQ