Dubliner Hugh Doyle was the only gang member involved in the infamous Hatton Garden jewelry heist.

The job was carried out by five elderly men in April 2015. The criminals plotted to break into the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company, ransacking 73 boxes and making off with one of the most lucrative loots in British history.

Dad-of-two Doyle was incremented in the crime, although he was not one of the four experienced thieves who actually executed it. The Dublin-born man was contacted by head raider John ‘Kenny’ Collins who asked Doyle to allow them to use his back garden so they could exchange the bounty.

Scene of the crime at Hatton Garden.

Scene of the crime at Hatton Garden.

Doyle was the only gang member involved in the crime who did receive jail time. Enfield, London resident Doyle works as a boiler fitter received a 21-month suspended sentence and a fine, although he ultimately never benefited financially from the heist.

Doyle, who also owns his own plumbing company, told the judge he had less than £400 to his name. However, the court was told that he had made at least £27,000 ($38,086) for his roles in various “criminal conduct” over the past decade. Judge Christopher Kinch QC ultimately fined him £367.50 ($518.40).

Death sentence!
What happened at court yesterday can only be described as a Death sentence for the older guys .
In the gymnasium on the high security unit the ceiling is exceptionally high so that if they ever bring back the death-penalty they can put up a gallows!#HattonGarden

— Hugh Doyle (@hughzdoyle7777) January 31, 2018

The five thieves, Collins, Daniel Jones, Terry Perkins, William Lincoln, and Brian Reader, who range in ages from 60 to 78 were all convicted for their actions. An unknown accomplice dubbed "Mr Ginger" by the tabloids remains un-convicted.

Experts are still struggling to put a valuation on the stolen property, estimating that between $19.8 and $20 million was lifted during the heist.

The Hatton Garden crime has been the subject of several tv shows and movies. An additional film, "Night in Hatton Garden", starring Michael Caine and Ray Winstone is currently in production.