A Northern Irish businessman is planning to break a world record by flying around the world in a tiny gyroplane.
Norman Surplus embarked on his world-conquering mission from County Antrim on Monday, and he aims to fly over 27,000 miles within the next three months, stopping off in 25 countries along the way.
Surplus has been planning the trip for over two years and says that if he succeeds it will be the first time a gyroplane will fly solo around the world.
"The first gyroplane flew in 1923, that’s 87 years ago, and to date no autogyro pilot has flown around the world and it’s the last type of aircraft in existence yet to do so,” said Surplus.
Surplus began flying gyroplanes after he survived a form of bowel cancer in 2003.
“The trip is designed to promote hope and encouragement for cancer sufferers across the globe. I want to say there can be a life worth living beyond the very real challenges of cancer treatment,” he said.
Surplus will fly over Europe, Pakistan, India, Thailand and the Philippines. Avoiding China due to it's tight military airspace, Surplus is obliged to carry a guide while making an 11 day trip over Russia.
Surplus hopes to travel over 300 miles a day and cites the fact that a gyroplane only uses a small amount of fuel compared to a relatively larger helicopter.