An Irishman who is accused of molesting two young girls remains in custody in a Florida prison while he awaits trial.

Rory Doyle, who spent more than a decade on the run, was arrested in Tangier, Morocco, last November and was extradited to the United States.

Doyle, a 58-year-old former doctor who lived in Dublin and Kildare, fled the States in 2001 ahead of his trial on charges of sexually assaulting two girls, ages eight and 13.

The Irish Independent reports that he was discovered in Ireland in 2009 practicing as a doctor under the alias David West after the Irish Medical Council investigated complaints against him. He was later stripped of his license.

The High Court ordered his extradition back to the US in early 2010, but Doyle, who appealed to the Supreme Court, fled the country before the court was due to deliver its judgment in February 2012.

He disappeared after his passport was returned to him in 2011, telling a judge he wished to visit his brother in England during Christmas and that his mother would accompany him. But it was revealed at a bond forfeiture hearing in July 2012 that his mother had spent the week in a Cork hotel and that she went to the local station in Donnybrook, where Doyle was supposed to sign on as part of his bail conditions, and informed them that her son had disappeared. However, it was nearly a month before the extradition unit was told of Doyle's escape.

During the High Court bail forfeiture hearing, Justice Michael Peart said the situation was a "mockery of the process."

Doyle's mother had to forfeit €100,000 ($135,000) after he fled.

According to the Irish Independent, Doyle is facing three charges of child molestation and one for failing to turn up for his November 2001 trial.