A hair transplant company in Blackrock, Dublin, recently helped heal the mental and physical scars of a young Dublin man who was the victim of a traumatic attack during the 2010 Galway Races.

Karl Fitzgerald, from Sandyford in Dublin, was assaulted by an unknown stranger after a night out during the Galway Races in July 2010. The attacker savagely ripped off Karl’s eyebrow which resulted in a mass of scar tissue and the loss of hair growth in that area.

The 29-year-old Dublin man said: “It wasn’t that I was a shell of a man or that my confidence was down, it was more other people’s reactions to it. It was horrific. You tend to exclude yourself from certain events.”

In social situations, Karl would put a plaster over the area or wear a hat to cover it and noted that whenever he would go out, he had to tell the story of his attack again and again in order to explain his scars, feeling increasingly awkward when people didn’t know where to look.

Initially put off the idea of a hair transplant because of the huge expense involved, Karl was relieved to find Dr. Maurice P. Collins of Hair Restoration Blackrock (HRBR) who was able to get the hair installations for a fraction of the expense originally quoted, The Sun reports.

The Dublin man explained how the technology used is a new one which uses the hair from the back of his head and behind his ear. Karl has finally been able to return to normality due to the treatment provided by Dr. Collins, saying: “I feel normal again. I’m delighted with the results.”

Hair Restoration Blackrock can be found at http://www.hairtransplantsurgery.ie/ and has even helped celebs such as actor James Nesbitt (The Hobbit, The Way) who said that his experience there made a real and lasting difference.

Karl Fitzgerald, from Dublin, received the first eyebrow hair transplant after a violent assault at the 2010 Galway Races.