Irishman Tom Walsh, 43, the manager of the popular Mainstreet Grill in the small city of DeLand, Florida was shot during a suspected robbery on Saturday night.

According to, an employee found Walsh's body inside the restaurant shortly after 11 PM on Saturday night. Investigators told the press they believe Walsh was working alone in the restaurant when he was killed.

The suspect is still at large and authorities have not said whether any money had been taken from the restaurant.

'Our community and the restaurant employees of Mainstreet Grill suffered a great loss early this morning,' City Commissioner Phil Martin, who is owner of the restaurant, told the press. 'Our sympathy and prayers are with our co-worker's family as there are no words to explain the tragedy that has occurred today.'

Police confirmed Walsh's identity on Sunday afternoon after notifying his Irish relatives.

Mark Luteran, a local resident, told the press that the only crime that ever occurs downtown is graffiti, and even that has been mostly cleaned up he said.

'Nothing like this happens,' he said. 'I've been living here for 18 years.'

A memorial service for Walsh is planned for 10 AM on Thursday at St. Peter's Catholic Church in De Land. Members of the public with any information about the crime are asked to call Detective Tim Hughes at 386-740-6907 or Crime Stoppers at 888-277-TIPS (8477).

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