A Tipperary man is receiving high honors and recognition for bravery in Canada for his courageous act a few years ago. Darren Coogan of Thurles pulled a man from a burning vehicle after the driver struck a deer in 2006.

The Tipperary Star
reports that on November 11th, 2006, Satwinder Singh Bajwa was on his way to work in Ontario, Canada when he struck a deer while driving. His van spun out across three lanes of traffic, only coming to a stop after hitting a pole head on. Satwinder “tried to squeeze through a 20-centimetre gap between the top of the door and the roof of the twisted cab, but it was too small.”
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Driving meters behind Bajwa, Darren Coogan saw the collision happen. He came to the rescue, pulling Bajwa to safety from a fiery vehicle which was full of fuel and chemicals and at risk for explosion at any moment.

Coogan, who was born in England but lived and attended school in Thurles, is being awarded the “City of Vaughan” award for his undeniable “extraordinary valor.” The entirety of Bajwa’s and

Coogan’s story is recounted in a recent article in Reader’s Digest entitled ‘No Way Out - Trapped in His Van, The Man Began His Final Prayers’, as well as The Tipperary Star.