A 36-year-old Irishman who was on holidays in Portugal, on a boat trip with his wife and family, drowned after jumping into the water.

They were visiting sea caves near the popular resort of Albufiera when the accident occurred around noon on Saturday on their return back to the resort of Vilamoura where they were staying.

Witnesses told the police the man had dissapeared under water when he apparantly got into difficulties.

He was pronounced dead when taken to the Albufeira marina where a medical emergency response team were on standby.

It is believed the man may have had an underlying heart conditions as it is understood the victim had suffered heart problems in the past, which may have contributed to his drowning.

A spokesman in the police investigation said: “the incident happened as he jumped into the sea for a swim. He was transported to Albufeira marina by a faster, smaller boat on board the larger boat he’d been travelling on," the Irish Times reports.

“But all the paramedic team who had been alerted could do was to certify his death at the scene. Tests are still being carried out but we understand the victim had suffered heart problems in the past."

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Albufiera, Portugal