A Dublin inquest has heard that a young man died after drinking an herbal mix he'd ordered on the Internet.

Cormac O'Sullivan (21) bought herbal products on the Internet and often mixed them together in tea.

An inquest in Dublin heard that his brother noticed he had stopped breathing after drinking the herbal mix in 2009.

He was rushed to hospital but died there.

The Coroner Dr Brian Farrell said the death was caused by cardio-respiratory failure due to the “combined toxic effects of a combination of carisoprodol -- which is used for the relief of muscular and skeletal pain -- sedative drugs, and mitragynine, which is an ingredient of Kratom tea.



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Kratom tea is a popular herbal brand used by many people but should never be used with other products, the coroner explained.

"It ought not to be used in combination with other medications," he said. "People need to be aware of the potential results of using Kratom tea, especially with other medications.

"Cormac's tragic death emphasizes the need for prudence when using herbal substances. Buying them on the Internet doesn't guarantee their quality or content," he said.

"Unfortunately, that combination was capable of causing cardio-respiratory failure. It was a risky venture," Dr Farrell said.

Dr Brian Farrell