A Donegal electrician who lost 140 pounds (10 stone) is to appear on the US TV show ‘The Doctors’ to tell his story of how he went from 26 stone to 16 stone in order to help other people lose weight also.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, 33 year old Paddy Bond, states that he was inspired to lose weight by his own wife’s weight loss.

‘Catherine lost three stone and looks amazing. I said what she can do then I could do as well. So I did,” said Paddy.

“The weight started to come off and I was always into sport so I got back into it again’.

Paddy states that he began to pile on the pounds after losing a big race as a teenager and just never stopped himself.

‘I was just fed up and started to eat and eat. I couldn’t stop,’ he said.

‘The pounds piled on and before I knew it I was more than 26 stone. I was even finding it hard to walk which is incredible because I used to be this athlete who went swimming at 6am every morning’.

‘I had to do something and I’m now involved with the local rugby club which is good but I couldn’t really have done it without Catherine and the brilliant healthy eating regime at Slimming World.’

Paddy first touched on the idea of starring in ‘The Doctors’ after seeing a Facebook appeal for volunteers but never expected to get a call.

‘I Facebooked them and told them my story. I couldn’t believe it when they called two days later.
‘I can’t believe my story will be seen by 300 million people across America. I hope it can help and encourage some people,’ he concluded.

Paddy Bond set to appear on "The Doctors"Google images