Last week, lucky IrishCentral winner, Kerry Wittig, from New Jersey, went to one of the final US performances of the spectacular Irish dance show, “Riverdance”.

Wittig won tickets for the show by entering IrishCentral’s latest Facebook contest (now closed) and it seems she enjoyed the show.

She told IrishCentral, “The show was great and I could not take my eyes away from the stage. Our seats were great and it made the show even more exciting.

“I brought my friend from college and we both loved it. We thought that the singing, dancing, and music all came together so well and we left with a “wow” feeling. We both felt lucky to have had the chance to have gone.”

This wasn’t her first time seeing the show during its 16 year stint in North America.

“This was my third time but it still felt new,” said Wittig. “The first time I saw “Riverdance” was with my family in New York City. The second was In Killarney, Ireland when I was studying abroad. The show got even better each time I saw it.”

Wittig has a long relationship with Ireland since studying there while in university.

“The first time I traveled to Ireland was when I was 16-years-old. I fell in love with the country and knew I wanted to go back and spend more time there,” she told IrishCentral. “When I was a junior in college I spent a semester at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland. This was the most amazing experience and I loved traveling and seeing so many amazing places throughout Ireland. I hope to get back there in the near future.

“My mother’s side is from Sligo, Ireland. When I visited Ireland I had the chance to see where my great grandparents were from. It was so interesting to see where my family came from.”

Logging on to IrishCentral paid off for Wittig and she told us her favourite parts of the site, which she visits regularly.

She said “I am always excited to see what news I can catch up on.  I like reading Irish news from around the world. It is great to see so much Irish pride and see others who love Ireland as much as I do.

“I also love seeing what is going on with Irish entertainment and of course Irish travel. The more I read IrishCentral the more I want to go back to Ireland.”


IrishCentral winner, Kerry Wittig, from New JerseyKerry Wittig's own