Good news for kids around the world this Christmas. The Irish government has confirmed the existence of Santa Claus by declaring that St. Nick “sees all – even Dáil (parliamentary) debates” after a Fine Gael TD questioned his existence.

They even chastised Daly, a member of the governing party for his statement. reports that Fine Gael TD Jim Daly compared a Dáil motion to a Santa letter during the course of a debate on the Anglo bond repayments.

Daly said the motion was “the first ‘Dear Santa’ letter I have seen this Christmas."

“It is a complete fanciful fairy tale,” he said.

Daly then dictated a fictional Christmas letter before admitting he did not believe in Santa Claus.

"Dear Santa, how are you? I am sorry that the day ever came when it dawned on me that Santa did not exist, because I would love to send the motion off to him," said the TD.

The Irish government said that Daly's comments do not represent government policy and issued an official response to his remarks.

"The Government supports Deputy Daly’s position on the Private Members’ Motion but hopes he won’t end up on the naughty list for his other remarks. Everybody knows Santa sees all – even Dáil debates," said a government spokesperson.

Daly told that he was wrong to raise doubts about Santa Claus.

"I wish to withdraw my comment from the record of the house about my belief in Santa Claus. I apologize unreservedly to Santa and look forward to being back on his good boy list in time for Christmas. I trust Santa will understand that sometimes in the heat of political debate we say things we regret."