In the latest Paddy Power presidential poll Irish TV and radio legend Gay Byrne has come out on top with 28 percent of the vote. However it seems that our readers on IrishCentral do not agree.
According to the Irish poll 28 percent would vote for Byrne despite the fact that he has not decided whether he will run or not. Next in line are Michael D Higgins, Brian Crowley and Gay Mitchell but it seems that Byrne, the 77-year-old celebrity known affectionately as ‘Uncle Gaybo’, would almost definitely win if he decides to enter the race.
The feedback we received on Facebook wasn’t quite so positive.
“Byrne Spare us, we have suffered enough. This elderly talk show host needs to go away!!!! What he is actually doing here is trying to recoup the losses he made gambling on the stock exchange and find himself a comfy retirement home!!!!” said Brian Shane.
Babsy Ryan asked that Ireland “give some YOUNG blood a chance” and said that “95% of Irish Politicians are over 40. They ain’t giving the youth a chance”.
Another poster described him as a “self opinionated pensioner” and another asked if Ireland was “really THAT stupid???”
So far just one reader, Marcella Mullen, sees the positive in Byrne running as a presidential candidate. She said “Ya why not ? he wouldnt just sell us out like Dev did and hes a wise man with a fair head on his shoulders. Go Gabo and show them just what your made of.(sic)”
Byrne is expected to announce if he’ll be in the running this Sunday. What the polls will read next week will be very interesting.

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