IrishCentral is proud to launch The Shamrock Club, an exclusive club for IrishCentral readers.

For less than $2.50 a month readers will receive exclusive insider Irish information newsletters, a one-year subscription to award winning Irish America magazine, have access to thousands of local dining and shopping discounts offers, get discounts on Irish gifts and travel, and also receive a free ancient Irish Ogham blessing gift.

"This is our next step in creating a distinct Irish experience at IrishCentral,” stated Niall O'Dowd, founder of IrishCentral, and also Irish America magazine and the Irish Voice newspaper.

"We have now surpassed 1.3 million monthly unique users on our site, and we wanted to make the best of Ireland and Irish America available to our readers as an extra special experience.

"At a cost of less than $2.50 a month we believe we are offering value plus a great new Irish experience for tens of thousands of our readers,” added O’Dowd.

“We believe our brand name, value added opportunities, and special offers will create a very positive relationship."

O’Dowd pointed out that IrishCentral has been seeking a way to involve its readers more on the site and to further develop their Irish heritage interest.

"This is only the beginning, a new way to live that Irish experience. We will be offering special trips, discounts, inside information and, of course, our award winning magazine Irish America to all who join the club,” he said.

He stated Irish America magazine is a unique product. "Our January issue, for instance, has an exclusive interview with Daniel Day-Lewis, star of Lincoln," he noted.

"It is the kind of interview and access you will not find anywhere else.”

The free Ogham blessing is in the ancient Irish script used by the Celts with a modern day translation. "It is a beautiful reminder of our history and heritage, and looks incredible when framed," O’Dowd said.

He also pointed out the great value offered by the shopping and dining discounts. There will also be special offers and discounts on trips to Ireland and purchasing Irish goods and services.

“We want to make this worthwhile to have new offers every week for our members." he said. “It is all for less than a Starbucks coffee a month”

A portion of every sign up will go to Barretstown Castle in Ireland and the Hole in the Wall facility there, based on the Paul Newman charity which helps sick kids.

"We look forward to welcoming our new members,” said O'Dowd. “The Shamrock Club is a new way to express your pride in your Irish heritage.”

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