IrishCentral are delighted to announce another winner. Nancy Martin and her husband John, from Enid, Oklahoma are planning a trip to Ireland for her birthday having won a free trip through our recent Facebook competition.

Nancy, who receives IrishCentral’s newsletter every morning, saw the contest announcement and entered.

Although Nancy and John have travelled to Ireland previously they’re excited to take in some new sights, mainly in Northern Ireland.

John, whose grandmother was Irish, said they plan to “Stay and see the sights in Dublin for a few days, then hire a car and driver and travel around Northern Ireland.”

He continued, “We’ve been to Ireland several times but never traveled in the north.”

Having won their flights with IrishCentral’s Facebook contest they now plan on finding some great driven tours to take in the sights.

John told IrishCentral they will travel in the latter part of November as “the trip would be a nice birthday gift” for his wife.

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