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Do you want “legislation on love” or do you want everyone, including gay couples, “to be happy?” We asked the people of New York the question, “Should gay marriage be legalized?”

From the tongue-tied to the religious, our roving reporter tracked down some interesting opinions on love, privacy, and gay marriage, in Union Square, Manhattan.

Just last year, gay marriage in New York was legalized and so far thousands of couples including New York City Speaker Christine Quinn have taken advantage of the change. In fact, the first gay couple to get married in New York had Irish roots.

Last week, a new poll in Ireland showed that two-thirds of the Irish agree that gay marriage should be legalized. Historically, President Barack Obama and Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland Eamon Gilmore declared their support last year.

This week, New Yorkers young and old, native and immigrant, had their say on IrishCentral.

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Here’s our video: