It has now been revealed that a Dublin protestor slipped past security and tried to make a citizen’s arrest of Tony Blair when he was at a book signing in Ireland at the weekend.

Activist Kate O'Sullivan confronted Blair by pretending to be a fan looking for her book to be signed.

"I went up to him and I said 'Mr Blair, I'm here to make a citizen's arrest for the war crimes that you've committed'," she told the Belfast Telegraph.

"Immediately five security people grabbed me, started dragging me off.

"I cried out there was half a million people dead in Iraq, how can you live with yourself, you've committed war crimes."

 O'Sullivan, 24, from Cork, said she lined up for for 90 minutes before trying to arrest  Blair.

"He was really blase about it, it was nothing but awkward for him," she continued.

"That's insane. If someone is crying out you murdered half a million people your reaction shouldn't be blase.
"He looked annoyed.

"He didn't say anything, He just signed the book, he looked down and then looked at security."

 O'Sullivan is a member of the Irish Palestine Solidarity Movement.

She said  Blair “ is a war criminal and he has pretty much gotten away with it," she added.

"He's making money going around the world. He's a war criminal."

O'Sullivan added: "We'll never forget what he has done. We'll follow him everywhere. If I ever get the chance to do this again I will."


Protests as Tony Blair arrived to his book signing in Dublin's city center