The Irish woman currently being held in a Peru jail on drug smuggling charges may plead guilty.
Michaela McCollum Connolly, 20, may admit to her role in the drug plot when she appears before a judge next week.

McCollum and her co-accused, Melissa Reid from Glasgow, also 20, are due to appear at a special court hearing in Lima next Tuesday to discuss their case.

The two women claim they were forced by a drug gang to smuggle smuggle cocaine worth $2.5 million out of the country. They are due to appear at a special court hearing in Lima next Tuesday to discuss her case.

Both women, who did not previously know eachother, had been working at different bars on the island of Ibiza during the summer months.

Reid’s family have urged her to plead guilty as if they admit to the charge, they could serve just three years in prison.

Co Tyrone woman’s lawyer Peter Madden told the Irish Sun his client could plead guilty to the judge.

“I don’t know if she’s going to make a guilty plea next week — but it could happen.

“Next week’s hearing isn’t open to the public but the judge will question them about their statements and speak to other witnesses.

“Melissa Reid’s family have already urged her to plead guilty and Michaella is aware of the options available to her.”

The Irish woman’s sister has revealed how Michaela is struggling to cope with life inside Lima’s notorious Virgin of Fatima prison.

Stephanie said: “Michaella at the moment is calling every day — her mood is OK, considering. However, she is still scared and overwhelmed by this.”