Details have emerged of a 2006 abortion case in England in which an Irishwoman was "left fighting for her life" after a botched operation by a Ghanaian doctor who has just been struck-off in the UK.

Dr Phanuel Dartey has been officially disqualified from practice by Britain’s General Medical council over his treatment of five patients at the Marie Stopes International Clinic in the London borough of Ealing.

One of the five cases involved an unidentified Irishwoman whose uterus was perforated. The patient was also left with parts of her fetus inside her during the 2006 procedure.

The woman had to be rushed to hospital on her return to Ireland and was in a critical condition for two months before eventually recovering.

An Irish representative of the Marie Stopes organisation told the Belfast Telegraph that the case was an "isolated one."



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Gabrielle Malone, the manager of Marie Stopes Reproductive Choices in Dublin, also confirmed to the paper that the Ealing clinic is still one of the recommended facilities on a list given to women seeking pregnancy counseling.

She also said that the Marie Stopes clinics had an excellent record and the Dartey case was an isolated one.

The report says that 498 Irishwomen have had abortions at the Ealing center. The number of Irishwomen having abortions in the UK has fallen for nine years but 4,402 had terminations in 2010.

Irishwomen has 31 abortions in Holland last year, down from 134 in 2009.

The paper states that: “Women with crisis pregnancies who receive free non-directive pregnancy counseling are given a list of approved abortion clinics in the UK.”

A spokeswoman for Marie Stopes also told the Belfast Telegraph that there is a comprehensive list of requirements doctors must fulfil before being employed by the clinics.

“We have a rigorous governance and assurance framework in place," she added.

Dr Dartey, who qualified as a doctor in the Soviet Union, gained notoriety two years ago when he claimed he was able to enlarge the female G-Spot with his G-Shot jabs.

He also used innovative laser surgery at his private Harley Street clinic to perform operations designed to enhance women’s sex lives but botched surgery on several patients.