An Irish woman who became pregnant after an encounter with a man she met in Copper Face Jacks night club in Dublin more than twelve years ago has launched a search to find the father of her eleven-year-old son. 

The woman wrote an anonymous letter which was read out on Tubridy on 2FM last week, the Herald reports.

“I was in Dublin on Friday August 2, 2003 when Laois was playing Armagh on the Saturday,” the letter read.

“Myself and my friends went out on the Friday night and I met someone in Coppers.

“We got separated from our friends and went to what I think was the Bewley’s Hotel in Ballsbridge.”

“I left the next morning for the match. I didn’t think anything of it. Yes, we had a one night stand and as a result I have a wonderful son,” she wrote.

“We weren’t too drunk but this happened twelve years ago so I don’t have a great memory of everything.

“I think this guy’s name was Sean and he was from Armagh and he may have had an earring.

“I want nothing from him, he has his own life but I just wanted to let him know. We all do stupid things but I have no regrets,” she wrote.

“My son is 11 and he has brilliant stepdad now and everything is great. That night woke me up in life and made me grow up. 

"Everyone does these kinds of things when they are young and this has been on my mind for years wondering what I could do to find this person without a second name. I thought I would give your show a try,” the woman wrote of her decision to seek the help of radio presenter Ryan Tubridy.

Tubridy asked listeners with leads on the father’s whereabouts to contact