Read more: Irish woman is convicted of rape

A 25-year-old Irish nurse who had been on a working visa in Australia has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for the rape of a 32-year-old mother of two.

Anne-Marie O'Loughlin was found guilty in Brisbane District Court last year on two counts of digital rape and deprivation of liberty in the bathrooms of the Canton Hotel on November 29 of last year. Judge David Reid said O'Loughlin's "cavalier attitude" and regular excessive consumption of alcohol had been the reason she had acted completely out of character.

O'Loughlin, who wept throughout the sentencing hearing, heard that she would be deported following her release from jail. The judge recommended that she should be eligible for parole on her 27th birthday, on March 3 next year.

Her crime was described in court as "persistent sexual aggression.”

The court heard that her victim kissed O'Loughlin’s back at first in an effort to get out of the toilet cubicle. O'Loughlin then allegedly put her hand down her jeans.

The victim cried out to the person in the next cubicle, who was heard saying, "I'm getting security."  O'Loughlin then left the bathroom. After leaving the bathroom the victim confided in her husband that she had been attacked.

A police interview carried out after the attack was played in court. The court heard that O'Loughlin had no recollection of kissing the woman but admitted it was possible.

The victim's husband testified in court. He said that he had been extremely upset when his wife told him about the attack. He called the police and attempted to detain O'Loughlin as she tried to leave in a taxi.

Defense lawyer Damien Walsh said that his client was lodging an appeal against the conviction.

O'Loughlin had previously worked as a nurse in Brisbane's Mater Hospital. Her lawyer said she was a well-regarded and highly respected health-care professional.

Judge Reid said, "It is not a question of drinking, but drinking to excess ... (which) got her (O'Loughlin) into this position."

O'Loughlin had consumed up to three bottles of wine and countless mixed liquor drinks.