Irish woman, Kelly Carty Eglington was found sunburned and disorientated in New South Wales, Australia, after being lost in the bush.

The 25-year-old Irish woman was found sitting under a tree in the dense bush land 70 miles from Wanaaring, west of Bourke. She was spotted by a search plane. Temperatures were over 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

She had a row with her boyfriend while they were driving in a remote region. She stalked out of the car with her dog in order to cool down.

However when she found herself in the bush she could not find her way back to the road. Carter had been missing since Sunday night. 

Her partner contacted the police when she failed to return.

"Everything looked exactly the same," Kelly, speaking to the Irish Independent from Bourke Hospital where she is recovering, said yesterday.


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"My eyes were playing tricks on me. I would think I had seen groups of people looking for me but really it would be a group of emus.

"I would call out for my boyfriend and think I heard people calling back, but it would really be birds.

"I was sure I was going to be bitten by a snake, I don't know how it didn't happen," she added.

Her dog Charlie kept her focused."I didn't care about myself; I just wanted to make sure my dog was all right," Kelly said.

She created  an "SOS" sign on the ground before she rested under the tree.

A spotter plane sent out to look for her saw her and soon after police rescued her.
She is being treated for severe sunburn and dehydration in Bourke Hospital. She is from Coolock in Dublin.

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