A Dublin woman who ripped her ex-boyfriend’s scrotum during an attack has escaped prison having admitted to the assault but denying she intended to injure him.

Lisa Moran (42), from the North Circular Road, in Dublin attacked her ex-boyfriend Eamon Desmond almost ripping one of his testicles off on June 5, 2007.

According to reports in the Independent there were audible gasps in the balcony at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court as details of the attack were read aloud by lawyer for the prosecution Colm O’Briain.

The defense counsel Cormac Queen said his client had “no intention to cause serious injury" and said the injury was cause by her belt buckle.

The court heard that Moran kicked in Desmond’s glass front-door believing that he had been speaking ill of her daughter. She shouted that she would “smash the whole house down”.

Desmond asked her to go home when he thought she had “calmed down” a few moments later.
It was then she attacked him, knocked him to the floor, hitting and scratching him. He
overpowered her and pinned her down. When she appeared calm again he let her go and she attacked him again.


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As he was calling the police he “felt a sharp pain in his scrotum area” according to  Garda Brian McCann’s testimony.

When the police arrived on the scene Desmond showed his injuries - a lacerated scrotum that left his "left testicle extruding".

Desmond who has recovered well from the ordeal said he was “happy to put the incident behind him" and has no wish for compensation.

Judge Nolan said Moran was guilty of the charge of reckless assault causing harm.

She was sentenced to 18 months, suspended for a year.