One of America’s oldest citizens, still sharp as a tack, has claimed Irish whiskey is the key to her longevity.

The 103-year-old Marguerite Kuebrich told fifty of her closest friends that her Irish heritage also helps.

“No one knows how old they’re going to be,” Kuebrich said. “(But) I have no idea why I lived so long. I usually tell them it’s good Irish whiskey. I’m Irish and I’m proud of it.”

Kuebrich, who never married, lives alone in her apartment and a friend drives her to mass every day. She loves to watch television and listen to radio.
“I grew up Catholic,” Kuebrich told the Iowa Press Citizen saying her brother, Leo, became a Catholic priest. “I have some very good friends. They take me to church every day in the car.”

Born on Aug. 27, 1908, Kuebrich grew up on a farm and worked in a local hospital.

“I knew every store in town at that time,” Kuebrich said. “Now they’re all out of town. I just lived, a day at a time,” Kuebrich said. “I loved to drive, and I loved to go places.”

And of course, have a daily sip of her beloved Irish whiskey.