A new website has crafted a series of specific policy questions that, the makers say, will inform you which Irish political party's platform is the closest match to your own opinions.

The aim, the makers say, is to rid voters of anxiety and confusion about who to vote for.

Like the party you eventually vote for, the website claims to be transparent and above board, claiming its results are compiled objectively.

"In analyzing the party manifestos and compiling the questions for Votomatic, we tried to be as objective as a human person can be," a spokesperson for the website told the press.

The methodology examines core issues and matches the parties stances to the views of the voter.

"We selected a small number of themes such as Economy, Health and Education and, in each of these areas, we formulated a small number of questions that can be answered on a scale between agree and disagree," the Votomatic spokesperson told the press.

"Then we studied the party manifestos, reading and re-reading them cover to cover, looking for how each party answers these questions. In some cases this was easy when the party gave an explicit statement. But in most cases this was hard because policies are often worded ambiguously."

"In those cases we had to resort to reading between the lines and implying what a party’s position is from subtle hints – such as whether the manifesto uses words with positive or negative connotations to talk about an issue. In the end, we positioned each party on a scale between agree and disagree."

To check out the website and put its claims to the test click here: Votomatic.ie