Irish spiritual healer Joe Coleman says that Our Lady predicted that tsunamis would hit both sides of the Atlantic and cause untold damage to the United States and Europe on Sunday, though none were reported.

The latest message from the Virgin Mary comes ahead of her next visit to Knock, scheduled for May 11, 2010 at 3 p.m.

“The oceans will explode - The Atlantic Ocean - Three major volcanic explosions under the sea - Tsunamis both sides of the Ocean between America and Europe. Fire will fall from the heavens.  Ireland is under massive threat from the evil one. Pray Pray Pray for peace,” reads part of the message relayed to Coleman from Mary.

This disaster was set to take place two days before her next apparition, which means if Coleman was right, the world would have experienced a seismic disaster on Sunday.

According to Coleman, Mary’s communication line to him and all the disasters she is predicting are all heralding the second coming of Christ.

"Our Lady will continue to give advance signs, through the apparitions in Ireland, and possibly elsewhere, to help convert people back to God so that they can redeem themselves in the eyes of God before the Second Coming.  She is calling on all Christians and creeds, practicing or otherwise, to turn back to God.  This generation will witness the Second Coming of Jesus on Earth. Of that I have no doubt,” says Coleman.

Coleman has predicted nine apparitions of the Virgin Mary.  For her next appearance, Coleman felt the need to advise those who choose to attend on how to comport themselves and what to wear.

“I would ask those who do go to Knock this week to show total respect for the Holy Shrine that it is. The apparition is a divine revelation and is of a sacred nature. As such, people need to show humility in the way they behave and dress,” he said.

“Visionary” Joe Coleman, holding cross, at Knock Shrine