Irish spiritual healer Joe Coleman has gone into detail about the Virgin Mary's next visit to Knock, scheduled for May 11, 2020 at 3 p.m.

Before Our Lady appears at 15 00 hrs at Knock Shrine, crosses will appear in the sky over County Mayo, and the visitation of Mary will usher in the second coming of Christ.

These are the predictions of Joe Coleman, the self-proclaimed visionary who has the ear of the mother of God. He says that he is in constant communication with Our Lady, who is feeding him this information.

Coleman says the crosses will be a sign from Our Lady, “pleading with the Irish people to return to their faith and to seek reconciliation at this time of great hardship in Ireland.”

The Irish Catholic Church has publicly dismissed the many predictions made by Coleman.

In 2009, tens of thousands of believers flocked to Knock, County Mayo and stared in to the sky.

Unfortunately, they did not see an apparition. Instead, they saw stars, as at least five pilgrims suffered serious burns to their retinas after looking at the sun for too long.

He has called on believers in Mayo to hold Mass at 3p.m. (sharp), as he has been told by Our Lady that she will appear at Knock at this exact time.

 “Most of the messages I have received from Our Blessed Mother since December are, she has told me, related to the Second Coming of Jesus on the Earth, the time of which, she has told me, is drawing very close," he said.

“Whether or not people believe in the apparitions, I am pleading with all Catholics, lapsed or otherwise, who have any kind of devotion to Our Lady to heed her message."

He continued by saying that the Irish people were not only disillusioned with the Church, but they were also enduring one of the nation's toughest times during the recession. He asked the Irish people to take solace in the Virgin Mary and her apparitions.

“She wants people to receive reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist on the day. This will, she has told me, help avert world unrest, ecological disasters which are imminent and to redeem our faith in Jesus,” he said.

Let’s just hope that the pilgrims who travel to Knock this time, under Coleman’s instruction, remember to bring their sunglasses.