An Irishman who served with the US military in Iraq had died in Boston.

Bernard Shevlin (43) originally from Monaghan was injured in Iraq in 2003 when three of his colleagues were blown up by a bomb. He passed away on Wednesday the 21st of December.

He immigrated to East Longmeadow, Boston in 1997, having previously served with the Irish army for five years. He joined the police force before enlisting for the American army where he served as a major with the U.S. forces in Iraq.


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After receiving a severe injury while on duty, he retired in 2003. Shevlin was in a military transport unit which was towing anti-tank gun along the ruins of a war-torn suburb when three of his fellow colleagues were killed in a bomb.

He performed security mission "Operation Inner Flame" at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah and supported Operation Iraqi Freedom when he was deployed to Kuwait.

He is survived by his wife, a son and two daughters, five brothers and two sisters.