Dublin Travellers who used dissident IRA member’s names while carrying out extortion have been threatened. The Real IRA has threatened to shoot the Travellers who dressed up as IRA members and demanded cash from local residents.

Ten people have been arrested in north County Dublin with relation to the theft. Three or four of the group entered the house while the others waited outside. They wore balaclavas and scarves over their faces.

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They told the victim that he would be shot if he did not hand over a five-figure cash sum. He was also shown an image of a republican funeral as a warning

A source told the Evening Herald, “The Travellers have been using the IRA name for extortion, intimidation and swindling money out of people -- they have been targeting people in their own community.

"This seems to have really upset some people in the dissident community and the three men were visited by four dissidents last week and warned to stop what they have been doing.”