It seems that modern Ireland may not be so modern after all with most couples sticking to the traditional wedding locations, rules and etiquette of the past.

According to a new survey 71 percent of couples getting married in Ireland opt for the traditional wedding and get married in a Church.  In keeping with the traditional wedding  54 percent of those who took the survey thought the bride should be covered up in the Church.

The survey carried out by One4All gift cards also showed that 29 percent of Irish people travel abroad to get married with Italy being the most popular destination.


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The results of the survey also showed that Irish weddings still stick closely to etiquette with brides and grooms having long lists of rules such as not laughing during the vow (a no-no for 48 percent of recipients), not bringing a crying baby to the Church and not arriving late. Four percent even think taking photographs at the service is against the rule of etiquette.

Irish people told One4All that speeches should be kept short and snappy and last no more than 15 minutes. The survey also showed that Irish couples think the best man should be polite to the bride, thank the parents and compliment the guest.

When it came to wedding gifts the Irish see porcelain figurines as the most useless of all however cash and vouchers as gifts scored well. Most of those who participated thought a cash gift of $70 to $140 (€50 to €100) would be appropriate.

Another recent survey by Simply Weddings also showed that the Irish are traditionalists when it comes to over aspects of the weeding too. Their survey showed that 99 percent of Irish people believe the man should take the lead and propose.