There are just some place names that bring out your inner sniggering schoolboy such as Intercourse, PA, or Lake Titicaca, in Peru. Of course Ireland has its fair share of funny place names including Muff, Effin, and Termonfeckin and these other absurdly named towns have made it to British geo technologist’s online map of “vaguely rude place names of the world.”

Gary Gale “a geo technologist and a geographer at heart”, according to his website, mused on the question “Could you possibly combine the British fondness for innuendo with geography and put it on a map?”

After some global searching Gale created an interactive map that is “vaguely NSFW [Not Suitable for Work]” but has “real geographical data behind” it.

Among Gale’s rude choices for Ireland are:

* Dripsey, County Cork
* Effin, County Limerick
* Muff, County Donegal
* Nobber, County Meath
* Ring, Ringville, County Waterford
* Ringrash Road, Macosquin, County Derry
* Termonfeckin, County Louth

Outside of Ireland there are some very interesting place names such as Anus, in the Philippines, Six Mile Bottom in Cambridgeshire, UK and Semen in Indonesia.

Check out the interactive map here.

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