The County Derry town of Limavady is laying claim to the Irish song 'Danny Boy' – and wants to play it all day every day.

Campaigners want the song played year-round in Limavady to celebrate the song’s historic links with the area.

The Derry Journal newspaper reports that the campaign, to coincide with Derry’s status as City of Culture in 2013, is gaining momentum.

The Derry City of Culture organizers have put out an international appeal for new versions of the 'Danny Boy' tune to be posted on YouTube.

The paper reports that already millions of links to 'Danny Boy' are readily available on the internet.

Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bing Crosby and Roy Orbison are just some of the music industry legends who have recorded the song while Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney has also sang 'Danny Boy' in public.

Local Sinn Fein Councillor Anne Brolly wants the song, in its many versions, aired daily in Limavady.

She told the Journal: “Danny Boy is the most inclusive tune in the world. No matter where you go people know it.”

Not afraid to put her money where her mouth is, Colr Brolly has even recorded her own version of the song with her husband Frances.

Reaction to the proposal, first mooted by Brolly and the now retired SDLP councillor Michael Carten two years ago, has been mixed according to the paper.

But Brolly has reacted to those who have suggested a daily dose of 'Danny Boy' will make a mockery of Limavady.

The former winner of the singing medal at the All-Ireland fleadh, Brolly added: “There are too many councillors giving reasons why we shouldn’t do it, but it’s for three minutes, once a day.

“When I was in Africa and when they heard I was Irish, they started to hum the tune! The question is, who hasn’t sung 'Danny Boy'?

“We would have no shortage of artists if we were to play it 365 days of the year. No-one has what we have - 'Danny Boy'. Derry would love to have it and Donegal too, but it’s ours and we must do something with it!”

A spokesperson for the local Council said they are investigating the costs of the proposal.

“We are looking forward to future discussions with the City of Culture Company and Derry City Council on their draft programme of events,” said the spokesperson.

“Obviously with Limavady being the home of 'Danny Boy', the 2013 City Of Culture programme provides a great opportunity to ensure that 'Danny Boy' receives the international recognition it deserves.

“We look forward to working with both bodies in delivering a programme of events over the next 12-18 months which reflects the history and culture of the wider North West region.”


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