Irish drivers with learner permits found to engage in risky driving could face court sanctions including a monitored "speed limiter" in their car as well as a curfew.

This news comes as seven more teenagers in Ireland have been hospitalized following a serious car crash in County Mayo. The car, occupied by seven teenagers, crashed in a single-vehicle accident at 4.40am on Monday morning.

Last week four teenagers were buried having been involved in a crash in County Kerry and just weeks ago eight people (teens, young men and one middle-aged man) were killed in the biggest crash in Ireland's history.

The Road Safety Authority has revealed new data which shows conclusively that young drivers are more likely to die on Ireland's roads than their more experienced counterparts. Their study also found that more crashes take place between midnight and 5am.

New penalties may be introduced to try and curb the instances of teens speeding, not wearing seatbelts, or overtaking dangerously.

lthough these offences currently punished by penalty points on drivers licenses in Ireland it is hoped that restrictions such as speed limiters and curfews might save more lives. Judges would also have the power to limit the young driver's use of a car to driving lessons.

Road Safety Authority chief executive, Noel Brett, said “The measures are proportionate and fair. They won’t penalize learner and novice drivers who are compliant but they are really harsh for drivers who are irresponsible, foolhardy and not compliant with the law.”

He also asked parents to take part in their children's education about safe driving. He said “Parents need to be supervising where their children are driving, with whom and when. The day of giving a car as a rite of passage has got to end.”

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