Irish Tatler will represent a place at the table for all Irish women.

From Mother Jones to Carmel Snow to Countess Markievicz, Irish woman at home and abroad have spent centuries pushing the boundaries, breaking glass ceilings and making their mark on Ireland and the world in their own unique and inspirational manner. 

Telling the story of all Irish woman, wherever in the world they may be, IrishCentral's sister publication Irish Tatler has just unveiled its new editorial direction, refreshed creative vision and a host of new voices, sitting across print, digital and social platforms. 

Claiming its place as a switched-on storyteller, a key conversation starter and a creative barometer on all that matters from style to politics, Irish Tatler is set to represent a place at the table for all Irish women.

Irish Tatler joined IrishCentral in the Irish Studio family in 2017, acquired into the portfolio by US venture capital fund, StudioVC. 

2019 has already been an exciting year with the election of Katie Molony and Ciaran Casey as Co-CEO of Irish Studio, and the most recent appointment, Ellie Balfe, joining the team in February as Editorial Director for the brand. 

The new iteration of Irish Tatler also coincides with the announcement of Irish Tatler’s new editors, Sarah Macken, Editor of Irish Tatler magazine, and Amy Heffernan, Editor of

“We are taking the view that all women learn from all women, our aim will be to share wisdom and editorial storytelling in both directions, from younger to older, with no woman left behind. All voices matter," said Balfe. 

Irish Studio CEO Katie Molony and Editorial Director Ellie Balfe.

Irish Studio CEO Katie Molony and Editorial Director Ellie Balfe.

“We’ve united our team and talent to work across every platform with a stronger digital presence encompassing video, audio, and social storytelling," Maloney added.

"As part of this transition U Magazine’s digital platform will cease publishing with a view to uniting Irish women: one place, one brand, with content that resonates, inspires and mobilizes."

The new Irish Tatler is on-shelf in Ireland and online April 11, with an official launch being held in the Irish Georgian Society, April 18, to include a fireside chat with honorary guest, Samantha Barry, Editor in Chief, Glamour.

Take a look at the new Irish Tatler here. 

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