Alleged pedophile swimming coach George Gibney has fled his Florida home after a campaign by a local child protection agency.

Former Irish national coach Gibney fled Ireland for America in 1994 after the collapse of a court action against him over the alleged sexual abuse of minors.

The Irish Sun newspaper reports that Gibney has abandoned his US home in Orange City and gone to ground.

His move comes after a local child protection agency, headed by Sligo-born Evin Daly, waged a four-year campaign against Gibney to warn locals of his presence.

President of One Child International, Daly said neighbours are ‘relieved’ he hasn’t been seen for months.

She told the paper: “A removal truck picked up his stuff recently. Locals are relieved he’s not still living among them.”

The report adds that fled Ireland after charges that he had sexually abused underage swimmers between 1966 and 1982 were abandoned due to the time lapse in taking the case against him.

The paper adds Gibney is desperate to sell his US flat, valued at just $42,000, after the bank failed to repossess it.

Daly has vowed to keep the pressure on the pervert. She said: “He is likely living with a friend in nearby Orlando. We’re working on locating him.”