Irish students are getting a bad name again on the sunny west coast.

A college newspaper ran a long article this week detailing a litany of complaints about the yearly influx of J1 students in Isla Vista in Santa Barbara.

Isla Vista was the scene of a major investigation in 2005 after a group of Irish students caused $15,000 worth of damages in three apartments at 800 Embarcadero del Ma.

This year, the complaints again center on the behavior of the students.

Santa Barbara college student Danielle Shoshani told the Daily Nexus that Irish students have  “trashed” her complex at the Breakpointe Apartments.

Shoshani and her roommates said that some of the damages include kitchen garbage in the swimming pool, tomato sauce and vomit on the stairs, couches on the bike racks, cigarettes and beer cans in the pool area and even pasta in the washing machine. (Daily Nexus)

Shoshani said that she had heard that Isla Vista is advertised in the same way as Cancun is advertised for Spring Break.

Another student, Lindsey Medina, said there were eight students in the apartment above hers which was only supposed to take four poeple.

An Irish student - who did not want to identify himself to the paper - confirmed the Ameriucan student's fears when he said he was thrilled to be in Isla Vista.

Turns out he had been evicted several times in San Diego over the noise he was making.