Ireland’s economic woes and the Eurozone crisis have hit another bank – Denmark’s sperm bank.

The falling value of the Euro and the rise in value of the Danish krone is affecting the fertility market.

The Sunday Independent reports that Denmark currently supplies all of Ireland’s sperm donations.

Business is booming for the sperm banks in the land of the Vikings but the fall in the Euro means donations are becoming more and more expensive for Irish clients.

The Danish krone is currently at record levels against the troubled Euro meaning Irish fertility clinics have to pay more for sperm.



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The trade is currently worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with the Sims Dublin clinic alone importing over $100,000 a year worth of sperm.

“It’s big business in Denmark. In most countries it’s considered inappropriate to pay for samples, but donors get paid there,” said Sims laboratory manager Graham Coull.

The Danish sperm donation giant Cryos is the biggest supplier to Ireland and also leads the world market.

Donors are believed to be paid as much as $400 per viable sample. Prices go up for non-anonymous samples. A donor profile including details such as height, eye and hair colour costs 30 percent more while a fully identified donor will earn almost $700 per sample.

The report states that Irish fertility clinic clients pay over a thousand dollars for a set of three artificial insemination cycles.