Waterford Whispers News, a satirical Irish news site, posted a story on June 17 saying how during her recent visit to Ireland, First Lady Michelle Obama said the Irish people are “some seriously ugly looking  motherf*****s.”

Though the site posts a disclaimer that its stories are fabricated, it seems that hundreds of commenters didn’t quite get the message.

The article quotes Michelle Obama as saying, “There must be something in the water here. Everyone looks grey and poorly.”

“No wonder people get drunk before heading out for the night.”

The article satirically quotes Michelle Obama talking about Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore - “Your man Gilmore smells like a bar toilet seat. He has gooey yellow corners in his eyes like you’d see on a sick dog.”

While Michelle Obama hasn’t readily made known her opinion on the attractiveness of the Irish people as a whole, her “comments” here are clearly made up.

Colm Williamson, the founder of the Waterford Whispers News, told TheJournal.ie, “It’s not the first time [Americans] would have fallen for an article. This one really caught them.”

Williamson explained that when the article was shared on a Conservative Facebook page, the article began to pick up viewership; so far more than 25,000 people have read the piece of satire.

Williamson said that the majority of the commenters are from around the Texas area in the US and that he is “surprised at how unliked the Obamas are.”

“There’s a lot of hatred there for her,” he admitted. “I thought everyone would have liked Obama.”

Indeed, many of the commenters who didn’t readily cop on that the article was satirical displayed their own ugliness, slamming Michelle Obama as “ugly,” “fat,” “scumbag,” and a “witch” among plenty other harsh descriptions.

US First Lady Michelle ObamaPool/Getty Images North America