Chloe and Jamie O’Herlihy, the Irish sisters from Cork who made headlines earlier this year with the news they will be transitioning together, have given an emotional interview on ITV with their mom.

During the interview, their mother said that she didn’t struggle to accept the news that both of her children were transgender.

“I didn’t have an issue because I suppose really I gave birth to two beautiful babies and they’re still my children. So you know, gender isn’t really an issue for me,” she said.

In an interview earlier this year, Jamie,23, said: “It’s a cliche to say, ‘I always knew,’ but I did and I just kept pushing it to the back of my mind.”

“Then I started doing some drag shows in the evenings and I realized how comfortable I felt dressed up.”

“I tried to ignore it but it got to the point where when the morning came round, I didn’t want to take off the drag because it was a better representation of me than I was,” she said. 

“So I came out to Chloe and our mum last summer, and by November I had come out to all my friends and colleagues.”

When Jamie came out, it was the tipping point for Chloe, too.

“It’s weird that we were both going through exactly the same thing and having the same thoughts about being trans but just not talking to each other,” said Chloe, (20; formerly Daniel).

“I always wore makeup and had longer hair. I’ve never really been considered one of the lads, I was always one of the girls.

“Then when Jamie came out and told us, I was like ‘right this is something you are going to have to face too.’”

In the ITV interview, Jamie revealed that she found love at a TENI event earlier this year. She and her boyfriend Harry have been dating for more than two months.

The couple have started creating YouTube videos to raise awareness of Trans issues, reports