An Irish support group, Child Aware, have written to every member of the lower house of parliament in Ireland protesting the alleged upcoming visit of Cardinal George Pell from Australia.

Pell is expected to visit as part of the “apostolic visitation” which would begin the Papal investigation to help end cover-ups within the clergy.

Child Aware believes that Cardinal George Pell will do the opposite.

Head of Child Aware, Hanora Brennan, said “We are trying to have this man stopped coming to Ireland to check whether all the dioceses in this country should be investigated.

''Most of the denizens hereabouts would be interested in the whole country being investigated, but not by this man. There are too many questions that need to be answered.''

Brennan and her group believe Pell’s methods of dealing with the sexual abuse in Australia were inadequate. She also said that he “'accompanied pedophiles to court''.

She is now looking for a meeting with Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, to stop Pell visiting.

They believe that this visit would mark the beginning of a Vatican appointed investigation in the sex abuse scandal cover up.

The Belfast Telegraph said: ''Vatican insiders are tipping a tough Australian prelate to head a probe into the Irish church.''

Pell is Sydney's Archbishop and Australia's most senior Catholic clergyman.

Back in 1993 he gave “moral support” to a former priest who was in court in Melbourne on pedophile charges. The ex-priest was found guilty of numerous child sex offenses and remains in jail. Pell denied that he had any knowledge of these activities before his conviction.

Catholic blogs and Italian newspapers have been filled with rumors this week. They say that Pell has been appointed by the Vatican to the Congregation for Bishops, the committee that appoints bishops. His new role would start in August.

Cardinal Pell’s office declined to comment on either issue.

Cardinal Pell kissing the ring of Pope Benedict