Irish sex therapists have reported a rise in the number of clients seeking help for libido problems in the past two years, the Evening Herald reports.

The added stress associated with the downward spiral of Ireland’s economy is having a knock on effect on the sex lives of the Irish.

Lisa O'Hara of Relationships Ireland told the Herald that about 30 percent of clients say that a lack of sex leads to feelings of yearning and rejection.

"What is very interesting is that I have noticed, anecdotally, an increase in the lack of sexual desire among Irish couples in the past two years in particular."

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O’Hara who works as a relationship counselor, said that the problem concerns both males and females.

"The amount of men suffering from lack of libido is surprising because it is typically considered a female concern."

Psychotherapist David Kavanagh, of Avalon Counseling, agreed that libido loss in men has become more prevalent.

"In general, one in three women have low libido and one in five men. It's much more common than people realize. Most women think that men are just animals and they are thinking about sex all the time, but one in five have no interest in it," he told the Evening Herald.