For Irish woman Angela Nolan and English man Liam Adcock, Irish rugby was their true love.

That was, until they met each other on Facebook.

Now, both of their statuses read: “Married.”

Saturday’s Irish Independent newspaper tells Nolan and Adcock’s story of love, rugby and social networking.

Angela, 35, and Liam, 27, married two weeks ago at the Bunratty Castle Hotel in County Clare, just 18 months after they first chatted on Facebook on a page for the Irish rugby team.

Angela told the Independent their story: "It was January 2008 and I left a comment about a match and then Liam agreed with what I had said.

"Then he added me as a friend and then we were flirting but he was nice and he thought I was nice.

"It moved on to me telling him I had to go over to England for work, which was a lie.

"We exchanged phone numbers and we were texting each other, which progressed to phone calls, which progressed to we couldn't wait to meet.”

Angela then flew over to Birmingham to meet her future husband.

“The first time I saw him I just knew he was the one for me,” she said.

Liam felt the same, saying: "Right from the word go everything just felt right. I just knew straight away."

The love struck rugby fan proposed to his rugby-obsessed match three weeks later.

The couple now lives in County Clare, Ireland, and are as happy as ever, beating the odds on most internet relationships.

But there is one problem: their rugby rivalry.

Angela is a massive fan of Ireland’s Munster team, and even had the province’s crest sewn on to her wedding dress, but Liam is devoted to the team’s rival, the Leicester Tigers of England.

If the two teams are to play each other, Angela says they will have to watch it the match in separate countries.