Have you been wondering what Michael Collins is up to lately? Well, a new Facebook page allows you to follow Collins and his adventures through the States while he’s visiting, along with many other Irish, on his J-1 visa.

Says the info section on the ‘Michael Collins Adventures’ Facebook page: “The original Irish hero, Michael Collins here. I've been laying low the last 90 years after faking my death, but have decided to go on a J-1 to New York. Still feeling a bit stiff though!”

The ‘Michael Collins Adventures’ Facebook page is just around a month old now, but has already garnered over 450 ‘likes.’ Writes one fan, “Class stuff boyz, keep the adventures coming!!!”

Speaking with John Grace, one of Collins' faithful minders, it was learned that Collins has been on the prowl in Ireland for a few years now.

"We actually found him in a hay shed out in Dunmanway a bit after the 2008 Olympics," said Grace.

"He was really worse for wear, but we took him home with us and cleaned him up. We've never looked back since."

Grace does make sure to clarify that "it was always just for family and friends when we were at home for the craic. There's nothing political or ideological about it. " It is with the same mentality that Collins has embarked on his American tour.

"However the amount of people that hadn't a clue who he actually was, was appalling. A few boys form BallinCollig asked us 'Is that Hitler?' when we were out in Inis Mean, on the Aran Islands."

Photos are a plenty of a cardboard cutout of Michael Collins making his way around not only some of the tri-state area’s most popular attractions, but Ireland’s as well.

Presumably before Collins secured his J-1 Visa, he paid visits to Beal Na mBlath, the Aran Islands and a local pub for a night out.

Now, however, Collins is Stateside and going on the “tear” in Atlantic City, New Jersey, taking in a Mets game in New York, and even lending a hand at Times Square’s public yoga session. Of course, there are several pub stops and photo opps in between.

"Mick is a big fella and it takes a lot to look after him, so there's a dedicated team of us to make sure he's safe and sound 24 hours a day. He can be a bit inconsiderate at times though. Sneaking out in the middle of the night and then bringing people home and waking up the house."

John Grace and his dedicated team will be ushering Michael Collins around the tri-state area for the rest of the summer on their J1 visas. Keep an eye out for them,  or follow Michael Collins’ adventures in real time on Twitter @Micksadventures.