Tom Humphries, the Irish sports journalist currently under investigation for allegedly having sex with an underage girl, has made an official complaint that police leaked details of his case to the media.

Irish Times correspondent and best-selling author, Humphries has been named in several newspapers as the journalist at the centre of the allegations.

The Irish Daily Star now reports that Humphries has made an official complaint to Ireland’s top police officer that details of the case against him were leaked to newspapers.

The paper says that Humphries, currently undergoing treatment at a Dublin hospital, sent a solicitor’s letter to Garda (police) Commissioner Martin Callinan complaining about alleged leaks to the media.

The letter goes so far as to suggest that unnamed police officers were involved in providing information to the press about aspects of the case.



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No response has been forthcoming from the police although sources have verified the letter’s existence to the star.

A formal investigation into the complaint is still a possibility but senior officers have claimed that so much information was already in the public domain before any story appeared that it may be difficult to uphold the Humphries’ claim.

The allegations against Humphries first came to light last March in a story published by the Irish News of the World.

The journalist has been in hospital receiving medical treatment since then and under Irish law, police can’t interview him until he is discharged.

The case involves a 14-year-old player with a camogie team mentored by Humphries.

It came to light after naked photos of the girl were found on an old mobile phone belonging to the well known writer.