A top lineup of speakers and events will be featured at the first-ever gathering  of Irish pub owners & managers from around the world, taking place in Dublin over the next couple of days. The event is filling a void by connecting Irish Pub Owners from around the world as the ‘frontline’ of Ireland in the hospitality sector.

Speakers at the event include Paul Mangiamele, CEO of Bennigans, Pearse Lyons, CEO of Alltech, Jerry Kennelly of Tweak.com, Michael Carey, Chairman of Bord Bia, Financier Enda O’Coineen of Kilcullen Kapital Partners, together with comedian and pub owner Pat Shortt who will lead an international pub panel discussion group.

This unique conference will build greater links between Irish pub owners worldwide, as well as with publicans in Ireland. Keynote Kingsley Aikns will talk about the importance of Ireland’s diaspora, one of the largest and most influential, numbering over 70 million globally, with 44 million in the US alone.

‘‘The Irish Pubs Global Association is meeting a demand and providing a service that private companies in the sector and our respective state agencies should be doing,’’ according to Enda O’Coineen, President of Irish Pubs Global. It is the only network that connects the 4,000+ Irish pubs diaspora. “In Japan, for example, there over 50 Irish pubs, yet walk into most and they have little or no connection with Ireland. This is the ‘frontline’ of Ireland. Some pubs using the Irish brand are a source of pride, others do damage.”

O’Coineen continues, “Irish Pubs are a hugely successful export, and Irish Pub exportation is one of the few buoyant areas left of the Irish construction industry. The Irish pub is the No. 1 attraction for tourists; the reason for their success is community, personality, environment and increasingly, great Irish food. In the new virtual world of social media, the Irish Pub is a place to meet, connect with the real world and be entertained.’’

He adds, there are currently many changes developing in the Irish drinks industry. Ireland currently only has 6 distilleries, while Scotland has over 100. However, there are many exciting developments with several independent distilleries in advanced stages of planning. There are new trends in Irish Craft Brewing representing huge gains in employment, entrepreneurship and exports. By 2014, there will be thirty breweries in Ireland exporting throughout the Irish pub network.

Kevin McParland, Executive Director of Irish Pubs Global, added, “The event is an opportunity for owner/managers and suppliers across the drinks and pub industry to get involved to help one another grow. The three-day networking event includes workshops, social events, demonstrations and pub panels for Irish Pub owners. These Irish emigrants have a real sense of Irish entrepreneurship and innovation. We believe there is a lot that native Irish Pub owners could share and learn with their overseas counterparts’’.

Topics at the two-day event include innovative marketing through social media, menu engineering and entertainment programming for Irish Pubs, reducing costs and managing waste, the rise of craft beer and the impact on your pub and creating a ‘destination’ Irish Pub.

While an exhibit area and trade show features demonstrations and samples from some of the most innovative and exciting products and suppliers on the market.

The Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI) and Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) are supporting the event with a welcome barbecue on the opening night to help overseas Pub owners connect with their peers in Ireland.

The Irish Pubs Global Gathering Event also hosts a Gala Dinner at the Guinness Storehouse, during which a selection of sponsored awards will be presented, including Best Native Irish Pub, Marketing Campaign of the Year and the International Irish Pub Food Experience of the Year sponsored by Failte Ireland. We have brilliant support from Irish and International sponsors and exhibitors such as Irish Pub Company, Porterhouse Brewery, Irish Village Dubai. etc.

For more information on Irish Pubs Global, visit www.IrishPubsGlobal.com.